Thursday, October 23, 2008

Buy Back a Memory

Here's a tip for the approaching gift giving seasons.

Why not buy someone back a piece of their childhood? Or a piece of their history?

Especially with money being as tight for everyone as it is, your gifts have to be extra thoughtful as you cut back and budget. Maybe you used to give your boss (or employee, or dog walker, or baby sitter) a $100 gift certificate to go out to dinner. Then last year it dropped to $50. This year you only have $25 to spend on each of these people, What do you do?

Rather than spend the money on something expected, why not try to make this gift count? Maybe your assistant has mentioned she's from New Mexico. Wouldn't a vintage souvenir table cloth from New Mexico be a lovely gift for her? Maybe your babysitter has mentioned several times that she loved Daffy Duck as a kid. Wouldn't a vintage Daffy Duck piggy bank make an awesome gift for her? Maybe your boss has mentioned he attended Brooklyn College. Wouldn't a vintage Brooklyn College pendant be a smart display on his den wall? Or maybe your boss drives a vintage car. What an awesome gift for him, to find the matchbox vintage version, or some other memorabilia that recognizes his interest? How about a vintage Yankee cap for that diehard fan you know. Or a antique scotty dog door stop for that person that loves her little scotty dog.

These kinds of gifts show you cared. You listened. You paid attention when this person reminisced or shared little life facts with you. They show that you took the time to spend on them and sought something special and personal. Something no one else is going to get for them this year.

Someone who loves to bake cookies might really appreciate a vintage cookie jar or antique rolling pin. Is there a musician on your Christmas list? Antique sheet music, or a vintage brooch of musical notes from the 50's might be the perfect way to show you cared. Someone who sews would love an antique sewing basket. How about that relative that gave you your first Barbie Doll or train set when you were little. Wouldn't that be fun, to find that same item today, and give it back?

These gifts may not be as expensive as that $100 dinner gift certificate. But these gifts are special and personal.

Come walk around Scranberry Coop. Look at all the treasures. See who they make you think of.

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