Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I left a message on Scranberry Coop's Facebook Page that I wanted to buy something but was told I had to call the store. Why can't I just leave a comment on Facebook?

A: Pax handles most of our webbie stuff.
Pax comes in and takes her own photos about once a week, and also posts the photos our dealers send to her to share. She is not here every day, and while she does have lots of information about the Coop to share with you, she does not handle any sales, holds, or booth rentals. She's happy to assist by redirecting you to the right person to help you out.

Pax and Joey, our Doggie Ambassador are online on and off almost every afternoon and evening.

For a speedy result if you want to buy something, ask us to hold something, or if you want to check to see if something is still here, you need to call the store directly at 973.786.6414 during business hours. There's lots of turn over here! Don't miss out.

Q: "Can you hold this for me? I'll be in to get it this week."

A: Probably. :)

Call us during business hours if you see something you want on the site or on Facebook. We'll see if the item is still here for you and accommodate your hold request. But you have to call.

Q: If I see it on Facebook or the website, does that mean it's still there at the store for sale?

A: Nope.

Someone may have already grabbed up that treasure. That's why we say to call and see if a specific item is still available - someone may have called the store and already put that treasure on hold ahead of you! You may have missed it by a week, a day, or a mere minute. If you see something you like, jump on it!

Q: Can you give me a free appraisal on something I have? Can you tell me how old it is?

A: No.

Scranberry Coop is not an appraisal or authentication company. No one here is a professional antique appraiser.

Q: Do I have to carry around all the stuff I want to buy until I'm done?

A: Nope. We have a "Sold" section of baskets in shelf cubbies with baskets up near the registers. They are underneath the big jewelry cases at Treasure Map Location #5. Your treasures are safe there until you're ready to check out.

We also have note cards available for you to use if you want to make a note for yourself, to remember where you saw something.

 Q: Are you open today?

A: You can always look at the right hand sidebar here on our webpage to see our  hours. They're the same just about every week.

Our hours are always posted. Plus, we post special events like our Flea Markets, holiday and emergency closings.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Yes!

Dogs must be on a leash, and you have to be responsible and use common sense, but yes, dogs are welcome here. And our Joey Badenov always enjoys making new friends.

 Q: I have a few items I want to sell. Is Scranberry Coop interested in buying them?

A: No.

The Coop is interested in renting you a booth though, so you can sell your own items. Becoming a dealer is easy. Check out our page on this site for more information.

Q: I would like to rent a table at one of your summer flea markets. What do I do?

A: Become a dealer.

Our flea market tables and special event/party tables all belong to our dealers. Only dealers (and some local animal charities) are invited to sell their wares at our events.

It's just another one of the benefits of joining the Coop Family.

Q: "Do you guys have any McCoy in stock?"

A: We don't have stock or inventory.

We have over a hundred unique dealers renting booths here. Each dealer brings in their own items, and sets their own prices.
It is not possible for anyone here to know every item that all the dealers have brought into our 10,000 square foot shop. Even if one of us scanned the whole building for something for you, it would take quite a while, and a few minutes later that information could all be changed. An item could have sold, or a new treasure may have been freshly added by a dealer to their booth.

Q: The store is huge! I keep getting lost. How can I remember where I saw something I wanted?

A: Each booth is numbered sequentially. We call them our Facebook Treasure Map Location numbers or Booth Numbers. It's just an easy way to find something we post online.

We've added note cards for you to jot down booth numbers and notations to help you keep track of what you saw and where you saw it. You'll find them near the "Sold" baskets, up near the registers.

The Treasure Map is posted in the right hand tool bar on the blog site.

Q: Thanks for all the info on this site, but I would like to speak directly with the owners about something, OK?

A: Sure!

Lori and Tzveta would love to talk to you, but they aren't always in the store. And when they are in the store, sometimes they've already made arrangements to assist someone else.

If you'd like to email them to arrange an appointment you can email through the profile of this website, or directly to
You can also call the store at 973.786.6414 and ask for them.

Enjoy your shopping experience, and thanks for visiting Scranberry Coop!