Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't forget to check each booth for discounts!

Massive collection of Bakelite handled flatware! This is just a small portion of the many pieces, in cream, red, brown, butterscotch, ivory, carmel and more. Do you know how much these puppies go for at estate sales and auction sites? Fill in your collection or start one here.

Autographed baseball photos, cards, bats and balls. All kinds of collectibles, to show and to use. Are you a Yankee fan? Did your father take you to your first game? what an awesome Christmas gift for him, to show how much that memory means to you. Find your hero's Topps bubble gum card here. Check out the vintage mitts that you can catch a great deal with ;)

Mickey Mouse is in the house! Always and forever, a classic collectible everyone would love.

Did we mention we have Christmas decor, collectibles, and ornaments? Antique, vintage, juried and even some newer collectibles are here from all over. This is the place to come for your Christmas heart's desires.

All kinds of neat collectibles can be found here: Nodders, Bobble Heads, Anna Lee, thimbles, Barbies, Flatsies, Kewpie Dolls, and more. Were you a Woody Woodpecker watcher? How about Speed Racer? Did you scream your brains out when the Beatles landed? Did you watch The Doors on Ed Sullivan? Do you remember where you were when you heard Elvis died? Or John Lennon? Or president John F. Kennedy? Come on, you know there's some part of you that would just love to have and hold a little piece of your childhood again. A time when things were easier and simpler. A time to remember. Or maybe you'd like to rekindle the way you felt in college, when all things seemed possible. 

Come to Scranberry Coop. 

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