Friday, December 12, 2008

Nativity! Art! Furniture! Pottery!

Awesome red velvet chairs! Wouldn't these be gorgeous around your very own Tarot table? Or around your bedroom as vanity chairs? Think outside the box! Of course this would be a goth True Blood beautiful dining set, but it could be so much more as well. 

Great artwork like these 2 vintage color German landscape etchings, and this hand painted vintage window would be just the right touch in your Office Space, or that hard to decorate hallway. 

All kinds of gorgeous pottery pieces are at the Coop every day. Check out this one of a kind crock and cup set. Beautiful for broth, soup, hot chocolate. Maybe you'd even serve your own creation in this lovely piece, like warm apple cider with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum? We'll be right over!

Swords! Yes, swords. We have a sword for everyone here. Craftsmanship galore on this metal beauty, and you know that you know someone that would just LOVE this piece under the tree. King Arthur fan? Ren Fest attendee? Someone into collecting forged metals? This piece will not be here for long!

Vintage nativity scene! Even that hand made stable is for sale. The manger, Mary, Joseph, wise men, shepherds, camels, donkeys, creche with manger and Jesus, cows, wooly sheep, baby lamb, angel figures and more. Ceramic, porcelain, paper mache, chalkware or composition pieces from Germany, Italy, Japan, USA, England. Made by Fontanini or Depose or any classic you can remember.  We even have vintage straw for your scene. Do you need just a few pieces to complete your SS Kresge Co or Woolworth's five and dime vintage 40's - 50's nativity display? Or do you need the whole thing? No problem! We got you covered.

The framed and unframed antique and vintage artwork we have for sale at Scranberry Coop is phenomenal. Eclectic group of etchings, prints, paintings, and lithos are always on display here. Lithographs and serigraphs make time honored gifts. And why not get something special for yourself? Frames to match every decor, images to match every mood. Why would anyone go anywhere else.

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