Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day is fast approaching. And I'm sure other father-centric special days like Birthdays are around us too.

Did your dad take you to your first ball game? I bet we have some really special commemorative baseball collectibles here he'd love. Is he a doctor, or a lawyer, or a carpenter? A special vintage tool of his trade might just show him how much you respect the years he has invested into his career. An antique pipe, a vintage pennant from his college, the lawn jockey he's always wanted. Was Excaliber a movie you two enjoyed together? Did you see your first bear on a camping trip with him? Or maybe he's a career armed forces man.
You know, there is something inside these Scranberry Coop walls that is completely unique and will express to him how special he is.

Maybe it's not your father, maybe it's your big brother, or your uncle. Your grandfather, or your god father. Maybe it's the father of your children, or just a truly special friend that's been like a father to you and yours.

Don't wait until it's too late to let him know how special he is. Don't let another Father's Day or birthday, or Sunday afternoon slip by without telling him how much he's meant to you. Can't find the words? That's OK. Find a little something special at Scranberry Coop to help you tell him that you've cherished the memories he's made with you, that you respect his life and his work and his choices, that you remember a special story he told you, or a special place you once shared.

You make the memories. We'll help you remember.

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