Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Scranberry Coop Shopping Experience by Sandi Ver Sprill

I have been shopping at Scranberry Coop for 20 years,
I have always enjoyed going there with my mom when she visited from Cape May, NJ – purchasing items that we needed, wanted, or just couldn't live

Here's a pic of me, Rob, and the K9 family.

My husband and I were there in December just looking around, when we came across this odd shaped table with a not so nice green paint on it.

I had a great puzzle that my mom made and it was hanging on the wall in my dog training school and we decided that it needed to be laying flat – so we purchased this table and decided it would work out just great for what we wanted to do.

after some work and new paint our idea came to life.

This now is displayed right in front of my desk at my dog training school, Golden Rule School for Dogs, located in Andover, NJ – just across the street from the Coop. I can now enjoy my mothers' hard work in making this puzzle.

You can always purchase something that needs work, or that is perfect or that could be re-arranged to suit your needs at Scranberry Coop!

I also have a booth at The Coop. Booth #105 belongs to me and my friend Pat. We call it "Golden Treasures" and we enjoy supplying it with antiques, Longaberger baskets, trinkets and crafts.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cool idea to do with a puzzle! I wish I had thought of it before I took ours apart of rome. Great family project or something to do with my girl scouts too.

The Pike County Humane Society, Inc said...

Great table!