Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Transport Your Guests With Your Guestroom

Your guest bedroom is a place where your company can settle in, feel at home, and spend the night in comfort. But it can also be a chance to showcase your style! You know, it doesn't have to be a Victorian Bed & Breakfast theme. (It can be, it just doesn't have to be!) You can give the room a great vintage theme - like The Catskills with the Adirondack feel of camp or retreat. Or it could be Parisian theme. Or black and white vintage movies. Or American Native Navajo artwork and pieces. Maybe picking a decade is more your style, like the 30's, or the Rock N Roll 50's: Do an Annette Funicello beach party, or an American Graffiti drive-in with greasers, and a jukebox of 45's.

You could do something very sophisticated and eclectic like an Old World Maps and travel theme with vintage suitcases, traincases, compasses, maps, postcards and souvenirs from all over the world.

A classic bakelite vanity set is always graceful in a guest room. But don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly.

Maybe this is a room where you can show your own past with pendants from sports teams and schools, toys you played with, photos of your family, and things like your grandmother's sewing basket. You know there is a theme you'd just love to work with. How about the Old Wild West? Or a Ski Lodge with old snowshoes and skis on the walls, not to mention Rosebud in the corner?

Or wouldn't a summer beach cottage be fun, with old Seaside posters, seashells, seagulls and salt water taffy offered in vintage Ironstone bowls? Or how about Botanicals and Butterflies? Mexico? Owls? The Civil War? Whatever your passion, whatever your interests, whatever your collections, you can turn your guest room space into a real haven.

Be creative. Use things you like. Army navy camping bags can hang and hold newspapers and maps, or lotions and shampoo.

Mix and match, display things in unique ways. The room doesn't have to be feminine, or obvious.

Vintage fabrics soften the feel of any room. Use a vintage vest or scarf to display political pins or brooches or buttons. Quilts, state souvenir pillows and Indian blankets really add warmth to a theme.

It's always good to offer your guests some reading material. Vintage magazines and books are great, displayed in old candy store racks or wicker baskets.

Decorate with items you've repurposed. Some dripware can serve to catch jewelry, offer mints or hard candies, or sample sized toiletries. A bean pot could hold maps and brochures to area attractions. A vintage dresser tray might display some family photos or old cards and letters. A pitcher makes a great vase for pine tree branches with pine cones. Repurpose an old chip and dip by filling the smaller bowl with small guest soaps and the larger one with rolled up hand towels. Offer a few bottles of water in a vintage piece of enamelware.

Think about the items of convenience you might like to find on an overnight trip, and provide them for your guests in fun ways.

Having a guest book in your guest room for your visitors to sign and leave a little note for the hostess is always fun.

Your guest room needs a lamp and a clock. Scranberry Coop is the place to go for both of these. Might as well grab a few extra for your bedroom too.

Some vintage mismatched furniture will be less expensive than new, plus it will have a unique feel all it's own.

Some wall art sets the tone for a good vintage inspired guest room. Botanical prints and matted/framed bookplate pages of fish illustrations or seashells set a completely different mood. A log cabin or forest scene is great for that cabin - lodge - camp - Navajo feel.

It's easy to start. Come into Scranberry Coop. Browse the antique postcards and vintage pottery and see what tickles your fancy. Or maybe one grand centerpiece like a jukebox, prohibition bar, or old crank telephone will become the cornerstone of what will be a guestroom your guests will remember forever.

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