Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Send in the Clowns

Gene Kelly and Judy Garland give you fun and silly clowning around.

And Stephen King gave us Pennywise, the scariest clown ever in "It."

We grew up with Bozo the Clown, and little traveling circuses. We'd laugh and point and sing along at the seltzer shots and face pies. We giggled watching little cars packed with clowns.

But when Poltergeist came out, and the little boy was afraid of his clown doll, we all related. That scene worked because it was actually scary.

How can that be? How can something so silly and fun also scare the begeebees out of us?

Coulrophobia is sometimes attributed to the idea that behind the make-up mask we have no way to know the clown's true intentions or emotions. Some child psychologists say that the root of the fear is from parents failing to properly prepare a child for an initial clown experience, like at a party or a carnival, and the overwhelming bigger-than-life image of this huge shoe-ed big nosed creature is just too much stimulus at once for a young mind. Therefore, the mind retreats into a fearful state and that reaction is easily recalled even through adulthood.

Then again, many people love to be scared. They love cheesy scary movies, they love that aspect of Halloween, they collect memorabilia of the infamous master intimidators of the era, like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Frankenstein, Freddie Kruger, Dracula, and of course Pennywise. I say, maybe some people are afraid of clowns, because they like to be.

Do you have any interest in clowns? Come into Scranberry Coop and check out the clowns we have here.

I was a little afraid of clowns as a kid. Then my grandmother decided that was just silly and bought me a little clown statue on my birthday. It was so cute and sweet. We put it on my dresser in my bedroom and we named it. I loved it. I stopped being afraid of clowns because of "Happy Pappy" and years after my grandmother has passed I still look at it and think of her and how she fixed my fear with gentleness.

I recently saw a similar figurine in the treasure trove of the Coop and wished I could have bought it for her.

Don't ever let it become to late to give someone a meaningful little reminder that they made a difference in your life.

Come into Scranberry Coop. See the thousands of memories.

And if clowns don't scare you, then this video is for you:

Insane Clown Posse "Let's Go All The Way" Cover/Remake

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Big Bad Billy said...

I love the ICP!!
Yeah that movie It was really good my gf didn't like it so much though it scared her. hmmm maybe I should start buying her little clowns to share the ICP love in a way she can handle.