Sunday, February 15, 2009

In Character

Somewhere along the line, wasn't there a character that made your day?
A superhero, a cartoon character.
A mascot, or a role from a fantasy movie.
A comic book character, a little gimmick guy that advertised a product.

Who was it that made you smile?

Ziggy, Snoopy, Jughead, Mr. Clean, Mayor McCheese, Underdog, Daffy Duck, Tigger, Barney Rubble, those Campbell soup kids, the big Texaco Tiger at the gas station, Vinnie Barbarino, C3PO, Mickey Mouse, that cute little orange bird from ... what was that... orange juice commercial...

Maybe you had the face on your lunchbox, or school notebooks. Maybe you looked for it in the Pez racks, or the T-shirt bins. Maybe it was just that the commercial made you stop and pay attention for a moment, just because it kinda made you smile.

And now, when you remember, that character still makes you smile.

Come on. Who made you smile?

Come into Scranberry Coop.
Look around.
See who makes you smile.
It may surprise you to see who's here.


Veronica said...

I've always loved Snoopy.

Anonymous said...

YOU make me smile!

Sara said...

I read this whole thing thinking I never got into any cartoon character or anything and then I got to the very last picture. I loved Blondie! Very affect post, girlfriend!