Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let Your Imagination Run Free

If you could go shopping today and pick up just one item, just one crazy fun cool different thing that would really make you smile, what would it be?
A Precious Moments retired collectible? A Flatsy Doll? A Longaberger Basket? How about a vintage Troll doll, or a way-cool antique Hope Chest?

If you didn't have to limit your imagination, and you could go shopping today and find any treasure you've wanted, what would it be? Some vintage tablecloths? Pennants from places you've been? A bag of marbles just like the ones you'd get at Christmas from Woolworth's every year? Or how about a really cool old dresser to fix up that corner of your office or bedroom with just the right touch of "you?" Maybe a cool chair for your entranceway that invites a coat toss or displays a basket for your keys.

How about a book you had as a child, or a toy you had that made you giggle. Maybe a new piece of art that makes you think of lands far away. Maybe a centerpiece and candle holder set that reminds you of your grandmother, or maybe it doesn't remind you of anything. Maybe it's a brand new fun colorful thing that changes up your dining room table and makes you feel like you've redecorated by just adding this bold color?

Really! Let your imagination run wild! Let your mind go. What affordable piece of whimsy would you just love to be able to find today? How about an accordion! Or a great new salt and pepper set for your collection. Maybe one of those old chenille bedspreads or a gorgeous Lenox teaset, or some sports memorabilia. Maybe an Ana Lee Doll or some other Christmas collectible, because you love christmas and you keep an eye out all year round for those great finds. Maybe you'd love to get your hands on a vintage book poster - a fantasy pirate or some other tale that you could look at in your office and feel inspired and transported.

Whatever it is, whatever you want, we may have it.
Give us a try.
Let your imagination lead you to Scranberry Coop.


Sandra Newcastle said...

If I really let my imagination go, I would love to find stuff that makes me think of visiting my father in England when I was little. Old tea pots and those hard mats for the tables, doilies, and fancy English biscuit jars and cookie trays. I bet you guys have all those things too, I just never thought about this before.

Anonymous said...

FLATSIES!! OMFG! I loved those dolls! I want that thing!