Sunday, October 4, 2009


Some of our strongest memories involve the toys we played with as children. A special teddy bear we dragged everywhere, a Mickey Mouse cereal bowl we used every day, our first Monopoly game and the hours we spent with family and friends building houses and going to jail.

Do you remember how great it felt to find that baseball card, or comic book, or Matchbox car, or Barbie accessory that would just top-off a collection? Do you remember the pride, and the fun?

Remember that special doll or model car that sat high on the shelf, that you weren't allowed to play with?

Maybe it's a celebration of our inner child. Maybe it's a nod to a time in our lives before taxes and paychecks, when things were simpler and easier. Maybe it's that no matter what mood you're in Winnie the Pooh can always make you smile.

From Raggedy Ann to the Lone Ranger, from Lincoln Logs to Fisher Price, there's something eternally special about those early memories of hours of play and dreaming.

Celebrate your inner child. Remember that simpler time. Smile like you used to when you find that special treasure for your meaningful collection.

Come into Scranberry Coop and see the toys. See the aisles and booths filled with vintage and antique toys and collectibles. You're allowed to play with that special one now. You're allowed to collect anything you want. You're allowed to dream. And to be a kid again.
Remember. Rejoice. Revisit.

And play.

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