Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two-For Tuesday

Some sets of Two are obvious. Matching book ends, salt and pepper shakers, shoes, ski's, fireplace ends.

Matching pillows, a couple of bobble head collectibles. 2 pieces of Roseville.

And then, some things made as solo's just go together in a perfect way. Two vintage toy monkeys. Two bunny things. You may have something awesome in your home right now, and never thought about it's mate. You may have to look around for that perfectly complimentary piece, but wow what a neat thing when you find it. Two American made deer planters, the Babalou drum and the I Love Lucy video set, two really trippy monkeys,

Come check out Scranberry Coop. You may not even realize something you already have and treasure can be magnified with a complimentary item. Who knows, maybe it's even the birth of a collection you didn't even realize you wanted.

Come check out Scranberry Coop. You don't have to have something in mind when you enter. Just look around. See what's here. With an open mind, you might just be surprised by what you find!

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