Sunday, December 20, 2009

Buying AND Selling

Take advantage of the opportunity to check us out for your last minute Christmas and Holiday shopping.
There's something for everyone here. Scranberry Coop is a 10,000 square foot building just packed with Antiques, Vintage Treasures, & Collectibles.

We are host to more than 150 dealers who fill over 200 separate and unique booths. Each dealer has their own style, their own sources, their own field of expertise, or their own collections for sale.
So while you're here shopping, take the time to think about what you would do with your own booth here.

Are you stressing a bit about spending too much for the holidays? Are the 2010 bills peeking around the snow drifts at you already? Well maybe this is the answer you're looking for.
We're casual, we're easy, and we're alot of fun. Talk to us about having your own booth.

You've been shopping in antique stores for a long time. Maybe you've built a few collections you're ready to part with. Maybe some of your collections have gotten so good or specific that you're ready to let go of some of the initial pieces. Maybe you've inherited the treasures of another - pieces you'd like to see be appreciated someplace. Maybe you've had a transitional year: a major move, a major career change, a shower, a wedding, inheritance, a new baby, a new family...

Maybe for whatever reason, "things" have changed, and that means "things" have to be moved, shifted, removed, rethought or re-evaluated.
We can help you do that.

Whether you're a long-time expert, a collector, or just someone that has a bunch of cool stuff, taking a booth at Scranberry Coop might be a fun way to start 2010. If you've thought about having your own shop, think no more - just do this. We'll do the blah stuff: the taxes, the insurance, the utilities and overhead. The credit cards, the snow removal, the banking. All you have to do is the fun stuff - bring in your finds and arrange your booth!

You can try it for a few months and see what happens. We've got a long established customer base that will be checking out your wares right away. Get more traffic than you would on Craigslist, or at a snowy yardsale. What do you have to lose? We're always excited to grow our family here.

So come on in and shop. Grab a snack at the snack bar. Have a good look around. Notice all the items we have that make you say, "Yeah, I have one of those too." Finish picking up your unique and meaningful seasonal gifts for family and friends here. Then go home and take inventory.

Then give us a call. What a fun New Year's Resolution: De-clutter, pay down some debt, finally realize your dream of having your very own booth in a great antique and collectibles shop. Scranberry Coop is your favorite place to shop, right? Well, maybe it's time to make it your favorite place to earn a little extra cash, too!

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