Friday, March 26, 2010

In Your Easter Bonnet

Remember when you were little and Easter morning you'd wake up to find an Easter basket? A chocolate bunny, jelly beans, some marshmellow eggs, and some chenille chicks or a plush lamb. It wasn't as big or as stressful as Christmas. It was just a fun feeling, a really nice day.

How nice would it be to share that feeling again?

Are you going to your mother's for Easter? Why not make her an Easter basket! Or your grandmother, or your godmother, or your favorite aunt? Stop in to Scranberry Coop. We've got new and old Easter goodies. Antique postcards, vintage fluffy chenille fuzzy chicks. Beautiful collectibles. Linens and egg cups. Bunnies and teacups. Marble eggs, antique candy containers and wind-up toys.

Can't you just imagine the smile you'd put on your Easter Dinner's Hostess's face when you walk in with personal Easter basket that you made just for her?

Maybe you'll find some decorations, pottery, or fun collectibles that you'll want for your own Easter table. Scranberry Coop is the best place for recapturing your memories, celebrating those moments that made you who you are, and sharing them with your family and friends.

So hop on down the bunny trail to Andover. We'll be closed for Easter Sunday, but you have plenty of time to do some shopping here before the big day. Wishing you all a Happy Easter from all of us at Scranberry Coop!

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