Monday, May 31, 2010

Booth 51: A Collector's Haven!

Meet two of our favorite dealers in their 6th year with us: Scott and Doris Williams of Booth #51!

Long-time collectors of many cool things from vintage baseball gloves, to Nightmare Before Christmas, to 60 tubs filled with Christmas Ornaments (of which 20 tubs are specifically Hallmark from 1974 and on,) Scott and Doris aren't looking to sell all of their treasures. But how lucky are we that they've decided to start parting with some of their awesome finds.

Scott's inherited his parent's treasures. And what an eye for collecting his mother had.

A large selection of Ladyhead vases, beautiful figurines and lovely antiques that had taken her a lifetime to assemble, have been left to Scott. Additionally, a dear family friend of Scott & Doris asked them to help sell some of his inherited family collectibles. He needs to raise some money because he is in need of a kidney transplant. His collection includes Star Wars toys, WWE and WWF Wrestling Action Figures, Barbie Dolls, Lenox, Franklin Mint Lena Liu figures and more. Being the nice people they are, Scott and Doris agreed to help.

Wanting to downsize and also to help their friend raise the money he really needs for his serious medical situation, Scott and Doris decided it was time to explore the selling-side of things.

After checking out some other shops, they became a part of the Scranberry Coop family of dealers. They liked the idea of being able to avoid the headaches involved with owning and operating their own shop. They work hard, and were looking for this to be something they could do together for fun. Scranberry Coop was a great fit for them: all they have to do here is mark their items and bring them in. Other than their own inventory, the Coop handles everything else. Some Co-op types of stores require their dealers to take turns working the store. Scranberry Coop doesn't.

"We also really liked the people here. Everyone is very friendly."

Scott also noted that Scranberry Coop is already a well-established treasure chest of antiques and collectibles. Even when many other stores seem empty with this slower market time, there always seems to be shoppers at the Coop.

Booth 51 is always changing. Doris and Scott have so much inventory they have really priced their items to move, which means some real turn over. Translation: if you find something

you love in Booth 51, BUY IT! It really may not still be there when you get back! A large collection of Christmas Village houses are coming, and those gorgeous Sandra Belotto fashion dolls can't possibly stay for too long at these prices.

Scott is retired from Marvel Comics, so take a guess as to how many awesome 90's era hard-to-find comics he has! Plus GI Joes, Beanie Babies, Beatrix Potter, antique doll houses, Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics (replica pedal car models) and more.

Additionally, they have a pretty cool collection of cameras, including spy cameras. Their life-long "professional" collecting is now your incredible opportunity to start a collection, or to find those perfect pieces you've been searching for. Make sure you check out the Wizard of Oz figurines. These dolls are highly collectible and hard to find. There's no place like Booth 51 for Dorothy and Toto!

There is only so much space in the booth, only so much will fit at a time. So keep checking back as more pieces are added.

Vintage Warner Brothers character drinking glasses, charming television lamps and vases, decorative wall art, some small pieces of vintage furniture, and a great big pig all reside in this booth, but they won't for long. Make sure you visit Booth 51 the next time you're in Scranberry Coop. And hey, this is one of those booths offering a shopping discount! Unless the item is marked firm, you can deduct 20% off for cash!

If you would like to contact Scott and Doris, you can do so at
Maybe you're looking for a certain comic, or a certain type of Lady Head Vase, or maybe you'd like to try to make a deal on several tubs of Hallmark Xmas Ornies! These are the nicest people you'd ever want to meet, so go ahead and send them an email. Hey, you never know! Maybe Scott has that exact Wizard of Oz Glenda the Goodwitch that you've been searching for!

From highly-sought Yankee Baseball bobbleheads, to some truly sweet vintage luggage, you just never know what you'll find in our very cool booth #51. Father's Day is just around the corner! Shop here first, and you won't need to go any place else.

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