Friday, May 21, 2010


We've gotten some comments and emails with specific questions over the 2 years we've been bringing you the blog. Thanks for reading and checking out the pics, and thanks for asking for more.

If you ever have any questions please always feel free to email us through the profile here, leave a comment, or stop in and ask. We're happy to help!

Here's some of the questions you've asked:

I found a set of crystal wine glasses in one booth for around $10 each, and I found the same set in another booth for $5 each. How can that be?

That's part of the fun of a "COOPerative" type of set up, where there are many dealers with their own booths, free to set their own prices as they wish. While one dealer may set a price so that a certain item really moves, another may set the

price on a very similar item closer to what the item is actually worth or selling for in other shops right now. Additionally, most sellers have their own sales going here. Look for the sign in any booth that lets you know that unless an item is marked firm, you can take a certain percentage off at the register. Sometimes a seller marks items priced-to-move because they have a bunch of new stuff they want to bring in, or maybe they're moving to a new booth. Maybe they got a great deal and they are passing it on.

Also, be sure to check out the quality of the items. A dealer may price something at a higher price because the state is so pristine. And the opposite may happen too: a dealer may price something at a great discount because they feel it shows some heavy use and they feel the lower price is fair.

So when you come visit us at the Coop, shop around! Compare prices, see what's here.

How quickly is the turn over?

Again, this varies. Every single week 150 dealers are bringing in new stock for their spaces. But just like in any shop, there's no guarantee when something will sell. You might see some items here week after week, waiting for that special collector to walk in and discover them. But many items are sold every day. Bottom line is, if you see something you like, buy it. It may not be here when you come back.

Do you have shopping carts or baskets?

No, but we do have cubicles marked "Sold" up by the cash registers in the front, where you can leave your items while you continue to shop around for more.

So take your time and look around, with your finds safely waiting for you.

Do you accept credit cards?


Don't forget to check the dealer's individual sale signs in the booths. Sometimes the discount offered is higher if you're paying with cash, or check.

What happens if I see something in a booth that I want, like a large piece of furniture, but I can't take it with me that day?

It's probably not a problem. We want you to have that awesome china closet as much as you want to have it!

Just talk to us up at the registers. Let us know what your situation is. We're happy to help make the sale work.

We aren't a cold corporate store where there are hard and fast rules that apply all the time to every thing. While we do have to honor the dealer's wishes regarding their items, we have a great cooperative environment and can often try to work with you to see what we can do to get that great farm table into your dining room!

See you at Scranberry Coop!

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