Wednesday, June 30, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

Summers were so significant when you were growing up. Counting down those last school days of the year, watching the clock, finishing the finals and turning in your text books. Remember that feeling when school was finally out for summer and you felt free? If you lived in the city you threw your gym shoes up over the telephone wires. Wherever you grew up you had your own rituals. Sleeping in a little bit, playing stickball or manhunt. Going to the lake with your family. Swimming in the

sunshine and camping out. If you were here on the east coast, then you remember tuning in your transistor radio to AM stations, or one of those first FM stations like 99X out of New York City, and hearing about the rolling blackouts in between songs by Marvin Gaye or The Eagles. You'd hear the phrase "Hazy, hot and humid" all summer. Remember the taste of real charcoal from the barbecue on the burgers, and the toasted marshmellows? The sound of Mr Softy's ice cream truck, or taking drives to Dairy Queen with your grandfather.

Block parties. Carnivals. 6 Flags. And who didn't go to the Jersey Shore? Listening to Genesis on the cassette player, winning those black mirrors with beer and band logos. Begging your mom for some foxy Iron-on t-shirts while she sipped her TAB on the boardwalk.

There's something at Scranberry Coop that will rekindle those summer memories. Whether it's a salt water taffy tin serving tray or a Led Zeppelin LP, there's a treasure here that would trigger your summer smile, the one you had when you were 11 and didn't have a care in the world.

Think about redecorating your front porch with that camp look. Or bringing some beach into your bathroom. Put together that Tiki Bar look in your finished basement, or pick up that perfect souvenir gift for someone who helped make your summers so memorable.

Who took you to all those baseball games all summer? Who'd love to know you remember?

Make some new memories with your old ones.
Come to Scranberry Coop. See for yourself.
Come remember.

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