Monday, July 19, 2010

Having a Yardsale? Why Not Consider Having a Booth Instead?

Turn your interest in collecting and antiquing into a few extra bucks.

It's a great time to rent a booth at the Coop. Give it a try, what do you have to lose? This is a great opportunity to try and turn your passion into your career without having to deal with the overhead of starting up your own shop alone.

Maybe this isn't a career path or a big passion for you. Maybe it's just a hobby. Or maybe it's just time! Maybe you've been inside in the air conditioning and you've had a chance to clean, organize, and redecorate your home. Maybe you're realizing how much of your collectibles, inheritances and accumulations you're ready to part with. Hey, this is great news!

You know your stuff is just a little too nice to put out at a garage sale anyway, so you're reluctant to have one. Consider renting a Scranberry Coop booth! Instead of the hassles of having a bunch of yardsales, your wares would have an audience of antique shoppers and collectible hunters. Think of how convenient this would be. No signs to make, no driving around to put them up and then take them down. No having to place ads in the local papers, or spend an entire day or two just sitting outside in the heat hoping it doesn't rain. No having to have strangers at your house, parking on your lawn, ignoring your "Please Don't Tread on the Daisies" sign.

Plus your stuff will get seen for a lot longer than one or two days over a weekend. Customers can peruse your wares for weeks. You can rent a booth for a year and keep adding to it as you make your way through your re-organization of your home. You can stop in a few times a week, or not at all for a month, it's up to you. You're responsible for your booth's inventory only; you don't have to haggle, work the cash registers, vacuum, or move your stuff when it's raining. Come on in to see what booths are available. You can rent yourself a nice little booth and stock it every month with more stuff.

Scranberry Coop is a very unique kind of antique store. Our booths feature a wide variety of affordable antiques, vintage treasures and collectibles like Walt Disney, Beanie Babies, Lenox, Royal Dalton, hand painted furniture and Longaberger Baskets. Do you have a big collection of turquoise jewelry or seashell crafts? Do you have an overabundance of artwork? Good china? Vintage clothes or vintage-look linens? Come on in and talk to us. Your treasures may be just the perfect fit for our shop.

We're the big yellow 10,000 square foot building on Route 206 in Andover New Jersey. You drive by us all the time, you've probably shopped here quite a few times. Why not consider selling here? Come in to The Coop this week!

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