Sunday, August 1, 2010

Favorite First

Do you remember your first favorite toy?
That first teddy bear that you dragged everywhere by the ear and loved the stuffing out of? That first Tonka Truck that built roads and cities in the mud. That bucket of Barbies you played with in the bathtub and the beach? The Ken Doll that the dog stole, chewed his foot off, but you played with him anyway. Do you remember your first favorite book? Was it Green Eggs and Ham? Or maybe it was a comic. Batman. Spiderman. What was your first favorite record album? On vinyl. That skipped. And you had it all memorized. Fourth song, second side. Do you remember sitting on your bed and flipping through your baseball cards, over and over. Do you remember the dolls your big sister handed down with the hand made clothes from your Grandma? Or that huge collection of Matchbox Cars you and your brother could play with for hours and hours without fighting? Do you remember?

Yeah. So do we.


Scranberry Coop said...

That vintage toy ride-on horse is the grand prize of our upcoming contest. Check back on the Facebook page later this week for details!

Anonymous said...

This post is really cool. It's like a poem.