Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Barware & Decor

It's September, and we're starting to move the party indoors. Time to work on that basement bar and game room you've got. Even if you don't have your own little pub, you might have a wine rack in your kitchen, or you might like to serve your guests a martini once in a while.

Here at Scranberry Coop we've got everything you need to make home entertaining stylish and posh:

Classic collectible German beer steins, cordial glasses, all kinds of wine stems, neon and lighted bar lights and vintage lamps, cool bar stools,

whiskey jugs, antique Coke signs and trays, lots of cool decanters and bottles, champagne glasses, a wild variety of shot glasses, bar clocks, cocktail making tools and guides, kitschy coasters, rock glasses, beer taps, ice buckets, bottle cap collections, antique snack tins and trays and so much more.

Whether you're breathing new life into your home entertaining

supplies, redecorating your bar area or creating a new party space in your dining room, The Coop is your go-to place.

Were you invited to dinner at a friend's house? What better compliment to the bottle of wine you'll bring then a couple of crystal wine glasses or a fun vintage corkscrew? Or present your hostess gift in a classic vintage Charles Chips tin. Your hosts will love it!

You'll find many treasures at Scranberry Coop. Come see for yourself!

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