Friday, September 24, 2010

Spotlight on Dealer #5, Barbara!

Update: Check out Barbara's new website! Fairies, Flowers, and Frying Pans

If you walk into The Coop, and make your way down that first aisle past the registers on the left hand side, you'll find Barbara's booth! (BTW next week on the site I will be posting a store map, designed to plot your treasure hunt! Check back! Barbara's booth will be Location #17 on the Treasure Map.)

Barbara has a fabulous offering of collectibles, and you can see they are in pristine condition, and their original boxes are often tucked up on the shelf for you a well. She has beautiful Jim Shore ornaments at a fraction of their retail prices! And ... well you know what? I'll let her tell you herself! -

"I'm Barbara, and I am glad to tell you about the wonderful items I have in my Scranberry Coop booth. Mark Roberts Fairies and Elves, as well as Jim Shore/Heartwood Creek items at prices significantly lower than the average retail prices. Not only Halloween, but Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us before we know it.

If you would like Mark Roberts or Jim Shore items which are not yet in the
shop at Scranberry, please e mail me at:, or call 908-832-9635. I will do my best to obtain these items as quickly as possible. It is important to order early! These items are extremely popular and sell out quickly.

Check out our web site: for Mark Roberts and Jim Shore. For many, many reasonably priced items, please check out as well: "

Here's just a sampling of the awesome treasures you'll find with Dealer #5. Questions about any items? Please leave a comment! Barbara will get back to you. Or contact her directly. You'll be glad you did!

We'll see you at The Coop!


Anonymous said...

I bet my daughter would like one of these for an xmas gift this year. I'll keep it in mind. I like those two little gnomes for myself.

Anonymous said...

I love Jim Shore stuff! I will be is this weekend to check out your booth. Thanks Barbara!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait till tomorrow to find my black cat ....