Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Scranberry Coop Treasure Map

Here's a map of The Coop, complete with sequentially numbered booths/locations so you can plot your course to find the goodies we post online!

We hope that a "Treasure Map Location Number" will help you narrow down your treasure hunt to find something we've posted online, or to help you re-find a goodie you passed up on a previous visit.

These are like booth numbers. If you can count, you can follow along. :)

We thought having the locations sequentially numbered would make your shopping experience easier if you need to locate something. But of course, you do not need a map to explore and discover the Coop.

Facebook Friends, if you're buying something over the phone you saw online, this is an important little key to help the Coop person you're speaking with to locate your item for you.

You'll see these little Treasure Map Location signs through out The Coop. Hey, this place is huge! It's a 10,000 square foot building with 150+ dealers.

The whole Treasure Map Location number thing doesn't have to be exact. It can be used just to narrow down the area. If you called us up and said, "Hey I'd like for you to hold that rocking chair for me, it's somewhere in the vicinity of Treasure Map Location #56," that will really help us find it for you, even if the rocker winds up to be next to booth #56 or across the aisle.

Thanks for finding your treasures at Scranberry Coop!

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Diane Dellicker said...

Oh my gosh! Why didn't I realize you'd set this map up with Monopoly names?!? LOL! I love it!