Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Coop Community

Scranberry Coop is all about community. We're always happy to welcome new dealers into the fold. We celebrate our customers with all kinds of extended shopping hour parties and events. We enjoy interacting with our Facebook Friends - and as of right now there are 500 of you!

And we're especially honored that the Coop Community of friends includes The Paulinskill Valley Chronicle, Heavensent Bulldog Rescue, and NJ Retro.

Haven't been to the Coop lately? Now is a great time to renew your Coop connection. We've got so much going on. Coming soon, we've got a Collectors Club, a Photography Party with extended shopping hours and the usual treats, and a way to make purchases over the phone. Keep checking in for the details. Thanks for being a part of The Coop Community!

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