Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Movin' On Up! To Treasure Map Location #35

You loved them when they were occupying Treasure Map Location #95. But you're really going to love them now. NJ Retro has moved on up to a bigger booth! Now located at Treasure Map Location #35, NJ Retro has much more room to bring you all the classic finds they're known for. Pyrex, 60's and 70's kitsch and decor, photography and vintage photographic equipment, electric bar signs and more.

They often showcase some of the items they're offering in their booth on the NJ Retro website. And you can also catch them interacting with us on our Facebook page.

Note that you can deduct an additional 20% off for cash and 15 % off for credit card and check sales on all items unless marked "Firm" at this booth.

All of us here at Scranberry Coop would like to congratulate NJ Retro on their move on up to a bigger booth! We're so glad you're part of The Coop family.


Anonymous said...

I lov the background changes on this blog. Every time I look there's a new picture! How do you do that? lol@ this one, boy I wish that was what it looks like out my window! Snow and ice here! I have shopped at that booth and thought it was like set up like a cool old film shop or something. I will be back to the scranberry coop!

Scranberry Coop said...

Thanks for digging the background pics, I try to change them up and keep it all interesting. NJ Retro is a great dealer, I'm so glad to hear you've checked them out, and will again. Thanks for commenting!