Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Are Some of Your Favorite Things?

Do you like angels?

Do you like rose patterns, copper jewelry, antiques bottles? Do you like enamelware? Seahorses? Wine glasses?

Some people like clocks, or piggy banks, or the color pink. Some people just love dolls and toys. Some people love ephemera. Or fabric. Or tools.

Maybe you like crystal because of the way it feels in your hand or the way the light passes through it.

Maybe you like fairy tales, or Mexico, or Norse Mythology. Maybe you like things that make you think of the beach, or old cars, or the Yankees.

It's possible those things you like make some kind of connection for you. Maybe you like blue because it's calming. Maybe you like wood because it feels earthy.

Perhaps your connection is to a vacation that was special, or a person that made you smile. Maybe it represents something you wanted to be when you grew up, or something you're working towards now. Maybe it's a reminder of how wonderful your life is, or could be. Maybe it's inspiration. Maybe it's a memory.

Maybe it's a mystery.

Come discover your mysteries. Visit Scranberry Coop. We have owls and crystals, chess sets and cowbells, lilac patterns and snowmen. You may come in looking for a Grateful Dead album. You may leave with a shabby chic Victorian chair. You may collect vintage postcards and find prize picks every time you're here. What are your favorite things? Explore Scranberry Coop, explore your imagination.

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