Friday, March 25, 2011

Up & Down The Coop

Look up! Look down! Look all around.

When you're shopping at the Coop make sure you take a good look at the highs and the lows.

I mean, the treasures hanging high and also the great finds laying low.

Many of our 150 dealer family utilize their spaces in a full way. Up high you might find baskets, kerosene lanterns, a mid-century magazine rack, an unopened WWF collectible, buckets, watering cans and more.

On the down low, you may see linens, Tyco trucks from the 70's, trays, antique toys, Dutch wooden shoes and old shoe forms.

Since the turn over here is really good, there's always more treasures coming in. So everytime you visit make sure you go high and go low. Take your time, look around.

"Get up! Everybody's gonna move their feet. Get down! Everybody's gonna leave their seats." - KISS

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