Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

After Hurricane Irene had her way with us last week, we weren't sure how this holiday weekend would play out. Roads and bridges still need repairing, some people are still without power, and many of us have been strained, stressed, tested and taxed with the extra expenses and loss of work during the storm's aftermath.

At Scranberry Coop we believe we are part of a fantastic community. Not only are we in a terrific neighborhood filled with friends, reliable fire departments, wonderful emergency response services, and fellow business owners who care like we do, we are also part of a global community online. We are honored to have friends in Florida, New York, California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Montana and all over the country. Some used to live here, some met us on vacation here, some connected to us through our Facebook page, or mutual friends.

Some of our community went through hardships this week with the hurricane. Many shared pictures, news, and personal updates online. Most often for us Facebook is a fun place where we share cool old videos, pics of Coop treasures, quotes, and newsy bits about events and specials. We get to share local artists, bands, businesses and animal rescue's events and happenings. And we love to see all of our community's updates. Everything from your awesome pet photos to your recipes, insights, and goings-on.

This week was a little different.

Seeing some of your posts was hard. Not seeing some of you online at all was even harder. The hurricane left many people stranded, flooded, wind damaged, and more. Roads were completely blocked, bridges were washed away, people were left without cell service, internet, or electric. It was sad, scary, and costly for many.

Facebook served as more than a fun place to talk about a movie you saw or some used guitars for sale here. It was a means of connection through some rough hours. People shared emergency response info, they shared photos of what they were going through, they updated everyone as power was restored and roads were cleared. It was really pretty amazing to see posts from friends down in the Carolinas, all the way up to our friends in Massachusetts, with everything from weather updates to suggestions on how to keep your dogs calm and kids busy during the rain and the blackouts.

We are glad to be part of your circles, we are hopeful that you enjoy being a part of ours.

So this weekend I think we were all ready to get out and get passed the storm funk. Yay! We are happy to say we were able to have our First Sunday of the Month Flea Market and we had a very nice turn out. Lots of people came to the Coop to do a little shopping, a little socializing, and a couple came to inquire about renting booths and joining the Scranberry Coop family of dealers.

Some bunnies hopped through on their way to new "fur-ever" homes, and even thought the skies got cloudy, the rain held out all day long for us.

Thank you all for visiting us, for friending us, and for spreading the word about us. Thanks for being our community, in person and online. Thanks for being you!

Enjoy your Labor Day!


Samantha said...

it was wonderful to have you during this past week and it was even better to go out and see everyone on sunday! we had a terrific time and came home with some needed treasures! the bunnies were incredibly cute.

Scranberry Coop said...

Thanks Samantha! So glad to hear it!