Sunday, October 16, 2011

...And May All Your Christmases Be White!

"Christmas already??"
"I don't want to think about Christmas yet!"
"I'll think about Christmas in a couple of months!"

Well then think about this: if you get paid on the 1st and 15th, you only have 4 more paychecks until Christmas.

And here's another thought: that little vintage Matchbox police car that would have been the perfect under - $5 - bucks, Go-Green gift for your dad was only here for a couple days. You missed it!

Here at the Coop there's lots of great inspirations, lots of nods to your memories that will bring smiles to your loved ones faces on Christmas morning. The odds are very good that there's something here for everyone. Something, that will have them saying, "You remembered!"

Many of our dealers offer their seasonal items, year round! If you collect Woolworth snowglobes, Anna Lee dolls, or blue ornaments for a white tree, you can keep a watchful eye out all year long.

Here's a tip: off-season items are sometimes priced less expensively than they are during their popular season.

Giving someone special a gift that shows you really thought about what they'd like is not commercializing the holiday. It doesn't have to be a big expensive mass-produced hoo-ha.

Give your grandfather a vintage Mets mug, with a card that says he took you to your first ball game, and you'll never forget that. Give your daughter a knee-hugger elf, tell her how your mother gave you one just like it when you were her age, and pass down some family traditions.

Give your mother a Beanie Baby that replaces the one the dog got hold of, or a little ornament that looks just like her favorite cat. Imagine the look on her face when you tell her you bought it months before. That tells her: I think about you a lot, not just the week before Christmas or your birthday.

How many times during the holidays have you felt really good, and thought "We need to keep this feeling all year long."

It's never too early to think about someone special. Gift giving can be a significant gesture. It can be a memento of happiness, a celebration of gratitude, and expression of emotion. A way to communicate with focus and care.

What else can we say? If you love Christmas, go ahead and love it all year round.

Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Summertime... all the time, Scranberry Coop will anytime the best time.
Come visit.
Come often.
There really is something here for everyone.
We'll see you at The Coop!


Anonymous said...

So inspirational. I don't like commercialized Christmas. You're right, there's a better way. Thank you.

LeeAnn said...

I opened this post thinking it was going to be all pushy about shopping and it isn't at all. None of your posts are. I follow you on facebooker and I love that you aren't always pushing sales. You are very much a mom and pop kind of business making friends. I love this post and I am going to be thinking about things differently. Thank you.