Friday, October 28, 2011


Turquoise, pearls, cameos, gold, silver, reclaimed, vintage, antique, artisan, new and old. If you like jewelry, you'll love The Coop. We've got lots of dealers that include baubles and bling in their booths and showcases. Clip-on earrings, broaches, coat pins, stick pins, hat pins, heirloom rings and signature costume designs. Crosses, snowflakes, seashells and flowers. Copper, stainless, sterling and celluloid. Oversized and dainty. Casual and elegant. Joke pieces, fun pieces, darling pieces and understated pieces. Whether you're looking for a silly jewelry item for a Halloween costume or the perfect gift for your niece that she'll hand down to her children one day, check us out.
There's something here for everyone. Come find your treasure ~ We'll see you at The Coop!

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