Monday, December 19, 2011

Treasure Map Location #63 - Tools & Treasures

Looking for that perfect unique gift? You can't beat this. It's an authentic Finlandia Vodka chilled shot machine. Everything's working, and it truly is awesome. Small enough to fit into a home bar, but definitely big enough to grab everyone's attention.

The 2 bottle slots are very standard sized, you could insert your favorite brands of liquor to serve ice cold shots in style right in your home.

Now this is a gift he's really gonna love.

And it's not the only thing he'll really love from Treasure Map Location #63, "Tools & Treasures." This is one of our newer dealers, bringing you fabulous tool finds.

Note that this dealer is offering you additional discounts on his already priced-to-move treasures. You can deduct an additional 20% for cash purchases or 15% off of credit card or check sales, unless the item is marked "Firm."

Another great thing about this booth is that Jim - The Tool Man - is always stopping in to bring in more great stuff. All the power tools are in proper working condition, ready to go to work. And he takes requests! If you don't see what you're, leave a message for him at the front cash registers.

If you've already checked out Treasure Map Location #63, you need to come back and check it out again. And again. It's always re-arranged, re-stocked, re-done and re-inventing itself with inspirational ideas.

For example, there's always a large selection of antique tools.

Ever thought of making a display of some in your man cave or over the fireplace?

Or how about gifting an antique wood plane and saw to your father-in-law (the retired carpenter) this year for Christmas?

You get the idea. These pieces are rich with history. They represent hand made workmanship, trades and skills that are passed down through generations, careers based on pride in craftsmanship. Haven't found the right gift for a special someone yet? Look no further.

Wood working is a time honored trade. Whether that special someone on your gift giving list was a skilled wood worker, or a hobbyist, or just somebody with impeccable taste that appreciates finely crafted furniture, these are the kinds of gifts that make a mark. They show you celebrate this person's life, their tastes, their stories. They are sure to be conversation pieces.

This set of 53 Plane Irons is a rare find.

And this is exactly the booth to go to for similar finds.

Specialty gifts for family or friends, and maybe even a special something for you.

Here's a Craftsman Combination 6" Belt, 10" Sander.

You know you want it ;)

Give your spouse a card for the Holidays saying - "Your gift is that special shoe closet you've always wanted! I am building it for you, custom made with my hands just for you!"

And get yourself this, or that, or the other awesome treasure from this booth you can't resist. And why should you resist? These are fantastic deals on the tools you want.

Tools from then and now. You have time - come visit Treasure Map Location #63. Anything you find here will beat the hell out of another tie, any day! Happy Holidays from Tool Time Treasure Map Location #63!


Joey said...

Awesome booth!

Scranberry Coop said...

Joey, thanks for the comment! Yep, this is a fan-favorite booth already.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending this link to my wife. Maybe I'll actually get something I want this year. hahaha. great post.

Tools & Treasures said...

The Booth is named Tools & Treasures

We Love Requests... If We Don't have it... We'll Find It !!!

All power tools are in proper working condition and customers are welcome to safely test them.

Thanks you for everyone's support