Friday, January 20, 2012


Who doesn't need a couple extra covered casseroles that can go from oven to table? Or Fire King, or Anchor Hocking, or any timeless tried - and - true kitchenware for that matter?

Making a dish for a potluck?

Dropping off some of your homemade chicken soup at someone's house? Need a stable bowl to soak your pork chops in their marinade over night in the fridge?

How about the next time you bring the Swedish Meatballs to a party you include the dish as a hostess gift?

If you already collect Pyrex you definitely want to check out the Coop. We have lots of classic vintage Pyrex pieces, the shapes you love and the colors and patterns you've been hunting for. We also have coordinating similar items from other manufacturers all the time.

Even if you aren't a collector, you can't deny it's a great idea to keep a few staple classic pieces like these on hand.

They may remind you of home. Pyrex may bring to mind your mother or grandmother, and some recipe you've loved your whole life.

Or maybe you can appreciate that these things have been around for decades and generations because they're made really well. How many things under $20 stand the test of times like these can? Maybe you look for that kind of value for your hard earned dollar.

Divided vegetable dish, custard cups, mixing bowls, our dealer's have got it all. Need a replacement glass lid? Yeah, come look. We've got lots.

There are many of reasons to buy some vintage Pyrex. And there's only one place to go: Scranberry Coop!

By the way, they're perfect for infusing gummy bears in vodka ;)


samantha said...

i might like gummy bears that way! ;-)

Scranberry Coop said...

nom nom nom