Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pet Food Donation Drive, June 2012

Scranberry Coop is honored to support all the great non-profit animal rescues and shelters in our community.

The entire month of June 2012 The Coop will be collecting pet food donations for these organizations. Canned and dry dog and cat food is needed.

OSCAR, Barks, Noah's Ark, Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, and Long Island Bulldog Rescue, have all responded to our offer to help, and extend their gratitude to all who can donate.

You can help! Just drop off your pet food donations here at Scranberry Coop. All month long we'll be accepting petfood donations for these awesome animal organizations.

Scranberry Coop has given an area of the store to some animal charities where they can sell their items, and all profits go directly to helping the animals in their charge.

The Coop also hosts many of these organizations here for Adoption Days and Awareness Events. HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue can be found here on most First Sunday of the Month Flea Markets. We'd also like to thank Biscuit & Brody, ambassadors of HeavenSent through Jodie, for making one of the first pet food donations for our June Pet Food Drive.

If you'd like to know more about any of these organizations just follow the links above, or look for them under Causes We Support in the side bar on our website.

If you're involved with an animal non-profit organization that could really use a helping hand with some pet food donations right now, please call the shop and leave a message for Lori. We're happy to try to help as many needy pets as we can.

We'd also like to thank Killer for parting with some of his dog food for this food drive.

The Coop is dog friendly. If you'd like to bring your dog with you to come by and drop off your pet food donation, that would be awesome.

Our own Joey came to us through one of these fantastic organizations. Thank you to all of these selfless groups of people. Thank you to everyone who rescues pets. Thank you to all who support the good work of these animal charities. And thank you to everyone donating pet food during our June Pet Food Drive.


Samantha said...

I love it that you guys do stuff like this! Count on me to bring some food by next week.

Scranberry Coop2 said...

Thank you Samantha!