Saturday, August 25, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Need an authentic Edelbrock valve cover? No problem, we have 3. Would you like some Vogue Ginny dollhouse furniture, vintage monkeys, or lawn gnomes? How about a piano, bongos, trumpet, acoustic guitar, record albums, or sheet music?

You have an idea in your head of what to expect at an antique store. But we are so much more! We've got all that stuff, but we've also got a ton of surprises. Hard to find do-dads, unique, collectible, practical, and inspired treasures are all here waiting for you. Brand new Bella Taylor purses, vintage Ronald McDonald and Mayor McCheese glasses, hoosier spice jars, candles, and a replica jukebox. Tons of jewelry, tableware, furniture and fun.

And we offer lots of other things you aren't expecting from an antiquey type of store -

We do lots of contests with lots of giveaways on Facebook.

We have restrooms! How many antique stores offer you the convenience of a nice clean Men's and Ladies' Rooms for you to use during your visit?

We have a snack bar! Buy a water or a soda, enjoy chips or a candy bar while you're shopping. Did you just pick up a latte? No problemo. Carry your coffee around with you while you shop. How many stores tell you that?

If you can't get here, you can shop by phone. Call the store during business hours. Often we can ship the item to you!

Dogs Allowed! Did you expect that? Responsible dog owners are always welcome to bring their dogs with them while they shop. We have a nice big parking lot with lots of grassy and tree lined areas around the border so you can relax, bring the dog and the family, and make an afternoon of it here!

Brand new hand crafted shelving units. DVDs and VHS tapes, vintage Fisher Price toys, Flatsy dolls, Barbies, Incense, metal mermaids, pocket knives, Buddhas, Indian blankets, handpainted dressers, and don't forget those trolls! We've got it all.

Everything you need in an antique store, and everything you're just not expecting to find, all combined in one 10,000 square foot building! 150 dealers bringing you their unique tastes, offerings, expertise and artisan work.

Barn stars, model trains, electric guitars, table saws, power tools, sports memorabilia, steampunk hats, a telescope, a camera, Domo, Superman, Marilyn Monroe, Pez and Paris and plenty more to keep you going, "Oooh!" for hours!

Come enjoy yourself! Expect the unexpected, and find your treasure at Scranberry Coop!


Maria DiPillo said...

I don't know if you wrote the bathroom thing as a joke or not. But it's the TRUTH. When I'm shopping I have at least one of the following A my mother with me, B my 9 year old daughter or C a great big travel mug of coffee in my hand. So the fact that you have nice clean bathrooms right there is a big PLUS for me. If I only have about an hour to shop and can only hit one store I am going to THE SCOOP! I am not kidding. I am sure I am not the only one that needs a bathroom sometimes. I do not know why more stores don't do this. TJ Maxx has a restroom but it's filthy and so does Walmart. But none of the antiques stores or bootiques or nice shops I like to shop at have them. I love THE SCOOP and their bathrooms!

Scranberry Coop2 said...

Thanks Maria! I'm glad you, your mother, and your daughter are enjoying The Coop! That's three generations of shoppers with good taste!

I really didn't write the bathroom thing as a joke. I meant it, just like you did! We're always trying to make it as easy as possible for you to shop here: The snack bar, Dogs Allowed, Hold cubbies so you can put down your finds and not have to carry them around until you check out, numbering the booths so you can find things easier, Shop By Phone, and yes of course the restrooms! Thanks for letting us know you 're enjoying yourself here!