Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Facebook Change From Personal Profile to Business Page

Today's the day. We're making the switch. We're converting our Facebook Profile to a Facebook Business Page.

Here's a handy dandy little cheat sheet to answer a few questions and explain what this means.

Why didn't you set up a Business Page in the first place?

Well, first and foremost, we think of ourselves more like a part of the community. We wanted to make friends, not harvest "fans." We wanted to interact with everyone by being able to send messages back and forth, we wanted to be able to comment on your posts, share your community events, and be an active part of the neighborhood online like we are in person. With a Business Page, we can't do all that.

Why make the change now?

Facebook has kicked up it's regulations and definitions, so it's time we make the change. If we don't, we could get deleted by FB, and we'd really hate that.

What's gonna happen, exactly?

We're doing what Facebook calls a migration today.

All of our "Friends" will be migrated over to "Fans" so you'll still be a part of our page without having to do anything. But everything else will be gone.

We're bummed to lose all our posts and all your photo comments, but that's OK. We'll make more together in the future! Here on this site, and our Facebook converted page.

We'll be adding some of the best older photos back to FB in folders, and please don't forget there's years of posts right here on our website with lots of the same photos you enjoyed on Facebook! So thumb back and enjoy the archive here.

But the contests! What's gonna happen with the awesome contests?

Facebook isn't allowing us to do our free giveaways and contests. They have a lot of regulations about that sort of thing.

But that's OK! We'll just do them here!

We'll post a link on our newly converted Facebook Business Page when we have a contest going here. So just like before, you'll see all the posts in your FB feed if you're set to receive all our updates, and you'll be able to enter all the fun free contests. The only difference is you'll have to click the link to come here to this site, instead of doing your contest entry on FB. That's all. You'll see, no biggie.

What about not being able to message you on Facebook?

You're just going to have to email us, that's all. Click on the link in the profile, or email directly to scranberrycoop at gmail dot com.

No more tagging photos? Sharing posts?

Yup, you're right. As a Business Page, we won't be able to share your posts and comment on them, or do all kinds of stuff your Facebook Friends can do. We'll really miss that. And it's just plain poopy.

We're not just a local business. We're part of a neighborhood; a neighborhood that shares a lot of different things from dog pics to local events to weather alerts.

Look, we probably feel about Facebook the same way you do. While we don't like a lot of their policies, the truth is we enjoy Facebook a lot. We're on there every day doing something fun with you guys.

Facebook has been a wonderful vehicle for us to get to know you. And we hope you've gotten to know us as more than just an antique store.

Please bear with us during this transition. We'll figure it out, and it'll all be good. ;)

Thank you, all of you, our Facebook Friends and our Coop Community, for being the real treasure of Scranberry Coop!

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