Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Troll Contest #5

Congratulations to our Facebook Friend Brenda!

Brenda won our 5th and Final Troll Contest in this Series. (Don't worry, many more series are coming.)

This was a "Tag Yourself In The Photo" Contest. Many of our Facebook Friends tagged themselves in the massive photo collection of trolls in the background behind the Prize Troll, the little pink haired one in the sun dress. We'll be mailing Brenda her prize.

Thank you everyone who entered, and who invited their friends to enter as well. This was a lot of fun! We made some new friends and heard about their collections and favorite retro toys, including a Troll Treehouse that we're excited to try to find now!

We're always doing something fun at The Coop. Join the Fun! The more the merrier. Keep an eye out on Facebook for our contests and giveaways - they are always free to enter, no purchase necessary, and prizes are mailed so friends from far away are encouraged to play.

Have some fun and come find your treasure at The Coop!

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