Sunday, October 7, 2012

Roberta is a GIFT GETTER!

We're giving this little ballerina blue-haired troll to our Facebook friend Roberta Villiger.

We give away lots of gifts on Facebook.
That's because Facebook doesn't allow us to have "contests." We can't have winners, give-aways, or state we're using Facebook's tools such as share, like,  tag or comment, to pick a person to win a prize.


So we can't use the words. That's fine. You can figure it out ;)

All you have to do to get in on this fun is Like our Facebook Page and keep an eye on our posts. We're always "GIVING" something away. These Gifts are always no purchase necessary, no form to fill out or anything. Just "show some love" (you know.... like, comment, share, etc.) for the item we're giving away and we'll choose a Gift Getter. We mail the Gift Getter the Gift, so you don't even have to come in to claim a prize. It's easy-peasy. But you do have to check back to the posting to see if you won, so you'll know to send us a mailing address for you. We can't initiate messaging on FB.

Friends from far away are encouraged to show the love and get in on the Gift Getting.

Thank you everyone who've followed us on Facebook. We're always having fun at Scranberry Coop!

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