Thursday, November 22, 2012

We're Giving This Gift to Marie Brennan!

Our Facebook Friend Marie is the Gift Getter for this set of two vintage holiday postcards!

We have lots of great finds like these at The Coop. Vintage ornaments, postcards, state maps, prints, fishing reels, guitars, DVDs, Steampunk Victorian clothing and accessories, and a whole lot more.

There's power tools, funeral memorabilia, KISS dolls, beer taps, neon signs, traffic lights, antique bottles, jewelry, furniture, three-faced dolls, vintage Tonka and Fisher Price toys, lots of Mickey Mouse collectibles, and more more more.

What's on your Christmas wish list? What special little something would really make someone you know smile? What are you wasting time at the mall for tomorrow?

Be unique. Be inspired. Be one of us. Come find everyone's treasures at Scranberry Coop!

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