Saturday, February 23, 2013

AnnMarie Jedlicka is Our Latest Facebook Friday Free Gift Getter!

We'll be mailing this set of vintage hand made-eries to our Facebook Friend AnnMarie Jedlicka!

AnnMarie showed lots of love for the Free Facebook Friday Gift Giving photo. As soon as she messages or emails us to claim her Free Gift and give us a mailing address for her, her prize Gift be on it's way!

We do this every Friday. The rules are the same, you can check them out here . We give Gift Certificates and Treasures from the store here, to one random winner Gift Getter, selected Saturday evening.

Anyone can join in on the fun! Past winners, dealers, and friends from far away too! Since we offer Shop By Phone (if the Gift is a GC) and we always mail all Gifts directly to the Gift Getters (if the Gift is a treasure) it doesn't matter how near or how far you are! The shipping is on us.

Follow along with us on Facebook and keep an eye out every Friday for the Free Facebook Friday Giveaway! Just ask AnnMarie! we're always doing something fun at The Coop!

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