Saturday, June 22, 2013

Raymond Griffiths! You WON! Facebook Free Gift Friday's $25.00 Gift Certificate!

Congratulations Raymond Griffiths! You are our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter! We have a $25.00 Gift Certificate for you!

We do this every single week! Every Friday on Facebook we give away a gift. Sometimes it's a Gift Certificate to the Coop, sometimes it's a special treasure from the shop. We post it on Facebook sometime Friday afternoon, and we pick a winner every Saturday night at 7pm.

The Winner is posted on Facebook and also right here, just like this, on our website. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. The rules are always the same, you can see them on the Free Friday Facebook Giveaway page here.

Just be sure to CHECK BACK! If you are the winner, you must message us through Facebook or send us an email at to claim your prize. ALL PRIZES ARE MAILED TO THE GIFT GETTERS! So we will need you to send your mailing address. Friends from far away, please feel free to enter these Friday giveaways. There's no purchase necessary and we mail all the prizes to the winners so you do not have to worry about coming in to pick up your winnings. You can always shop by phone here too, and we ship, so even a gift certificate is something you can use from far away!

It's easy! Just ask our friend Raymond Griffiths! There's always a good time at The Coop!

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