Saturday, September 14, 2013

Debra Rohlfs is our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter!

Congratulations on winning this lot of 10 comic books/graphic novels, Debra Rohlfs! This mega Free Friday Facebook Giveaway is all yours!

This set includes:

1 - The Mighty THOR Spiral Part 7, Marvel (sorry I don't see a year), 
2 - The Occult Files of Dr. Spector, Whitman, 1976, 
3 - ARAK Son of Thunder, DC, 1982?, 
4 - Dracula VLAD The Impaler, Topps Cmics, 1992, has 3 VLAD trading cards with it, 
5 - Cases of Sherlock Homes, Northstar Publishing, 1989,
6 - The Last of the VIKING HEROES, Genesis West Comics, 1988, 
7 - Balder the Brave: Sunrise, Marvel, 1985, 
8 - LOBO The Heiress, DC, 1996, 
9 -The Unknown Worlds of Frank Brunner, Eclipse Comics, 1985, 
10 - The OMEGA Men, Revealed at last, the fate of Brute's Wife! And at long last, Return of Primus' Eye! DC, 1984

We do a Free Friday Facebook Giveaway every week! It's easy to enter, just follow along with us on Facebook, and when you see the Free Friday Facebook Giveway post sometime Friday afternoon, show some love! Leave a comment, share the photo, give it a thumbs up. The more love you show, the more times you're entered! All gifts are mailed to the winners. The rules are the same every week and can be found here. 

 We're always having a good time, and you're invited to join us! There's something for everybody at Scranberry Coop!

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