Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grazzia Bio Regen Body & Face Creams

Grazzia Bio-Regen Body Cream and Face Cream are both made from 100% natural botanical oils.

The formula is ancient, originating in Egypt centuries ago, and then brought to Bulgaria generations ago, where it has remained a family secret. That is, until recently, when Scranberry Coop's Tzveta DaVinci was able to procure permission to share this wondrous rejuvenator with all of us here. Grazzia nourishes the skin, revitalizing the cells and restoring a youthful appearance by bringing your skin into good glowing health. We are now the exclusive distributors for North America for this amazing old world skin remedy.

Grazzia is an effective, powerful but gentle blend of 13 natural oils including Pure Rose Oil and Grape Oil. No preservatives, no chemicals, just beautiful natural ingredients. We've been using Grazzia and gathering feedback for more than a year. We've seen it help in the healing of burns and scars. We've watched it work to repair cellulite. We've seen it enhance the color and surface look of tattoos, making them feel and appear brand new again.

Grazzia follows an ancient Egyptian formula which helps remove dead cells and generate new healthy vitals cells. It's a magical essential nourishment for your skin which fortifies while it moisturizes. Grazzia Bio Regen will help protect your skin from cold, sun, dryness, and the aging process.

We've been sharing it with different test groups: people with burns and scars, psoriasis sufferers, people that tend to have allergic reactions and a difficult time finding products they can use, Lupus sufferers, plus people with skin aging complaints, older tattoos, dry skin, and other ailments and concerns. So far we have been exhilarated with the feedback. Several people have even commented on how their fingernails and cuticles became healthier just from applying the cream with their fingers and using it on their hands.

The Fine Print:
Of course we can not guarantee your results with Grazzia Bio Regen Face or Body Creams, we can only share with you the list of ingredients, and the many endorsements, feedback and commentary we've gathered from people who've tried it so far. You should never use any product your doctor has advised against. If you have any specific allergies, conditions, diseases, concerns, known reactions or problems, you should absolutely check with your doctor before trying this all natural product, or any product for that matter. Using Grazzia Face or Body Cream is not a substitute for medication or medical care that your doctor has prescribed.

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