Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tanya Fay Demonte is our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter!

Send me a message Tanya Fay Demonte! You're getting a Gift from The Coop!

We do this every week. Friday we post a photo of a Gift we're going to Give Away for Free. All you have to do to get in on this is show some love for that photo. We pick one of you as the Gift Getter and post it on Facebook and here on our site the next day, Saturday, at 7pm.

It's that easy! Just check back to see if it's you. We mail Gifts to the Gift Getters so you don't even have to come in, you just have to contact us to make the arrangement. We pay the shipping, it's all on us, it's our Gift to you.

In this week's Free Friday Facebook Give Away, we have one vintage Viewmaster and 11 diskettes. The viewing discs are: 3 Revolutionary War, 3 Wold Birds, 1 Exotic Birds, 1 Busch Gardens Birds & Science, 1 Busch Gardens General Science, 2 Wonders of the Deep with original envelope cover and original booklet! Total of 11 discs. They're obviously vintage, in used condition. But they look pretty good! I'm only seeing one frame on one disc that the image is loose. I'm sure it can be fixed. This is a fun thing!

Enjoy your Gift Tanya Fay Demonte. :) Thanks for showing some love for The Coop!


Tootsie T said...

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Scranberry Coop2 said...

Thank YOU for showing some love for the Coop!