Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last minute Christmas shopping? Come here. It'll beat the crap out of the mall. We promise.

We will be open Christmas Eve. And we promise, coming here will be a nice experience, unlike other retail Christmas mall-ish shopping experiences. There's no pushing, there's no rudeness, there's no grabbing, there's no door busters or pressure or anything like that.

Instead, here you'll find a relaxed, good time. We'll have some festive treats out for those of you that come in. You can bring your dog. You can browse, you can shop, you can kick back and just get some ideas for your next year's decor scheme or gift list. You can take some time for yourself to enjoy vintage Christmas collectibles, and reminisce about great holidays you've had.

Unlike lots of antique stores we have Men's and Ladies' Restrooms for your convenience, a snack bar, a "Dogs Are Welcome" policy, and a nice big parking lot for off street safe parking.

So if you have some last minute shopping to do tomorrow, come to The Coop. We have 150 different dealers under one 10,000 square foot roof. If you need an extra Christmas gift, an extra place setting, hostess gift, wine stems, ornaments, or if you'd just like to look around and take a break for yourself, come here. It will beat the crap out of the mall, we promise. There's something for everyone here. Come find your treasure, and find it the right way, at Scranberry Coop!

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