Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 is Coming

You'll find all these collectible Annalee dolls and bears and mice and adorables in Treasure Map Location #108. Longaberger retired and limited edition baskets, and other collectibles are here, too.

All items in that booth that are not marked as "Firm" are on sale: deduct 40% off for cash sales, or 35% off for credit card or check.

Be My Valentine. Give someone special a little sweetness and a smile this year. Your mother, your godmother, your aunt, daughter, sister, cousin, babysitter, dog walker, groomer, neighbor, grandma, girlfriend, BBF, favorite bartender, assistant, or officemate. Who thought of you at Christmas that you may have overlooked? Who deserves a "Thank you" that you know? It doesn't take a lot to give a smile. Swing on over to the Coop for something original.

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