Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jean Sinsabaugh Caillie is our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter!

Jean Sinsabaugh Callie - send me an FB message or an email. You're our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter! This week's Gift is this lovely vintage bird s-n-p set. 

The white and black birds are the salt and pepper holders, and they sit in the tree branch nest stand. It's a great figural porcelain/ceramic piece, whether you're a bird watcher, nature appreciator, Salt N Pepper Set collector, or just someone who likes a whimsical sign of Spring.

We Give a Gift away every single week to one of our awesome Facebook community.

The rules are here on the website all the time. It's super easy, it's just a gift, it's just for fun, there's no purchase necessary, there's no forms to fill out, there's no information you're required to give us - we respect your privacy. It's not even a contest. It's just a GIFT, from us to you. 

All ya gotta do to get in on the fun is watch for our FFFG post on our Facebook page every week. It'll go up sometime Friday afternoon. It will state clearly that it's the Free Friday Facebook Gift, and all you do is show some love to let us know you want in. We can't use Facebook's terms to describe the love you show, but you get the idea. Give it a thumbs-up, leave some cool words or photos, spread the photo around. The more love you show the more we know you want that Gift.

You have a day to Show the Love. We will select and post the Gift Getter Saturday night at 7pm. We'll post the Gift Getter here on our blogspot blog website as well as on Facebook, and we'll also put it in the comments of the FFFG post as well.

Since we're a Facebook Business Page we can't contact you. So be sure to check back in, and look to see if you are the Gift Getter. We ask that you send us an email or an FB message to confirm.

And that's pretty much it! It's easy peasy, fun for all. Just ask Jean!

Thank you all for having some fun in our Free Friday Facebook Giveaway again this week. Come find your treasure at Scranberry Coop!

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Anonymous said...

I'll be in this week, thank you! :-)