Saturday, July 12, 2014

Allison Wilson is Our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter

Our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter this week is Allison Wilson! Allison, we have a $10.00 Gift Certificate to our store for you at the Coop! :)

We do this every week. On Friday afternoon we post a Free Friday Facebook Giveaway Gift! It will be a treasure from the store or a Gift Certificate to the store. Just look for the FFFG Photo on our Facebook Page each Friday.

Then, all you have to do to get in on the fun is show the love! Give the FFFG Photo a Thumbs Up (Like), Spread It Around (Share), or Leave Some Good Words (Comment) on the pic.

No forms to fill out, no purchase necessary, no personal information collected. Yep, there's nothin' too it. The more love you show the more we'll know you want that Gift! Everyone is welcome to get in on the fun -  Scranberry Coop dealers, past gift getters, children of all ages. The rules are here, they're the same every week.

We post the Free Friday Facebook Gift sometime on Friday (It's not rocket science) and we pick the Gift Getter the next day, Saturday, at 7:00pm. We'll post the Gift Getter here on our site like this, and also on our Facebook page. Make sure you check back to see if it's you! We're a Business Page on Facebook, we can't initiate messaging or view your Facebook Page, so you have to check back to see who the Gift Getter is each week.

We ask the Gift Getter to email or FB message us just to confirm you saw your special Gift Getter post.

Come find your treasure at Scranberry Coop, Route 206, Andover New Jersey :) 

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