Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shannan Berhman is our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter!

This week's Scranberry Coop FREE FRIDAY FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY goes to Shannan Berhman!

Thanks for showing some love for the photo, Shannan! Please send us an email or FB message to confirm you saw this post. And we'll have your set of 3 Betty Boop fun fashion jewelry and hair accessories at The Coop for you.

By the way, Shannan's "Like" on the FFFG Photo-Share on Joey Badenov's Facebook Page is the one that was chosen. :)

To get in on the fun is easy. You can show as much love as you want to for the Free Friday Facebook Giveaway Photo to increase your chances. Spread the photo around, give a thumbs up, leave some good words, ("Share", "Like", and "Comment" in Facebook terms we're not allowed to use hehehe.)  Don't forget to add Joey Badenov our Doggie Ambassador as a Friend on Facebook for more chances to get Fun Free Stuff.

We do this every week. All the love you show on Our Scranberry Coop Facebook Page, and also on Joey Badenov's Facebook Page counts. 
 The rules are the same each time.
All are welcome - Past winners, neighboring businesses, grandmas, puppies, Coop Dealers, Steampunk collectors, artists, musicians, friends, shoppers, collectors, decorators, recylcers, Spiral garden goers, - all are welcome.

Just like how everyone is welcome at Scranberry Coop.

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