Friday, October 3, 2014

And Now a Word from our Guest Blogger - Joey Badenov

Hi! This is Joey Badenov, and I'm guest-blogging on Scranberry Coop because I'm growling annoyed with Facebook this evening.

Why does Facebook make it so dang hard now to control what's on my NewsFeed?

I was annoyed before because I constantly have to go in and change my feed from what they've decided are "top" items, to "Most Recent" which is what everyone wants to see.

Then I was very annoyed that no matter what I do I can not get ALL MY FRIENDS that I chose to appear in that News Feed; for some reason Facebook thinks it's better to eliminate posts from friends I choose and replace them with advertising.

NOW, I'm annoyed because I can't get certain things OFF my NewsFeed.

Say for example I don't want to see a certain Game or App that lots of my friends are playing.

If I click on "I don't want to see this," THIS is what happens -

So I can't just pleasantly remove it with a smile. Now I have to fill out a freaking multi-click multiple choice survey to get it off, and NONE of the options I'm forced to choose from apply.

If I click "Why don't you want to see this?" here's what happens:

It's not annoying, I'm not in the photo, of course it should be on FB and who the heck am I to say otherwise, and no it's not spam. It's just a game app, or newschannel from a city I'm not in, or it's reposts from a spider and insect group and I'm a-scared of spiders. It's just simply something I don't wanna see. It's none of these drama-choices.

And it gets worse from there.

Holy Drama, Batman!! It's just something my friends should be able to post and share! It's not porn, it's not pointless, it's not humiliating, and it's not mine. It's a totally harmless thing my friends enjoy, that I maybe don't.

So I clicked "Something Else" and here's where that got me -

What the heck?? There's no "problem" to "understand", Facebook! Just because I don't want to see this news item doesn't mean it's graphic, drug-related, self harming, contraband, or a violation of intellectual property.

Can you believe this? I'm on FRIGGIN PAGE FOUR just to get a certain totally-acceptable item off my newsfeed, and none of these options apply.

Say I'm squeamish and I don't wanna see the posts from the Surgery Site, so what? Or maybe I'm dieting and I don't want to see photos from The Cupcake Group right now. Can't I just not want to see it? Can't I just remove it? Why does it have to be crazy?

And we're not done yet, folks!

The names have been removed to protect the innocent, but THIS is Facebook's final resolution. Are they insane? If I don't choose to see posts about a perfectly harmless game app or photos of fried chicken that my friends enjoy sharing, Facebook actually thinks I should: message my friend and ask them to take down their harmless post, or unfriend my friend, or submit it to Facebook. This is nuts!

Absolutely not. No. None of things are gonna happen. I'd roll my eyes if I could. 

Here's an idea, Facebook! 
Instead of thinking my click saying- "Can you please not include posts from this certain thingy on my newsfeed?" - means -  "I would like to fill out a 6 page survey with no answers relevant to my little situation, and be all Johnny Drama about the whole thing..." 

....How about you try this! 
Hows about when I click - "I don't want to see posts from Casino on the Vampire Teddy Bear Farm, or a Spider Enthusiast WEBsite (haha)," 
You just say - "OK, babe. No problemo," and leave it off my Newsfeed, and leave my friends alone for enjoying it, which is their choice.

Come on, Facebook, you know, the Newsfeed? The thing you love to say we have control over, but you've littered with ads, removed my chosen friends from, and keep re-ordering from chronology to "Facebook's idea of importance no matter what I say."
BTW I've blotted out the name of the group/page/game/app/whatever because it was an example, it's a good group/page/game/app/site/whatever, that I just maybe don't wanna see. That's all.

ALL THIS, while a Business Page I CHOSE to see in my newsfeed is only there a tenth of the time. Seriously. Facebook will only show you 1 out of every 10 posts from a Business Page YOU SUBSCRIBED TO.

Way to Fail, Facebook. GRRRRR!

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