Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sandi Floyd Tagar is Our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter for 10/31/14 - 1 Free Spiral Reading/Activation with Tzveta DaVinci

Saturday 11/01/2014 7:00 PM EST -

Our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter this week is Sandi Floyd Tagar. 

Sandi, please contact Tzveta DaVinci either through Scranberry Coop or Meet Me At The Spiral to set up the appointment for your Spiral Reading/Activiation, a full 2 hour session completely free to you as our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter.

Thank you everyone who showed some love for Scranberry Coop!

If anyone else is interested in having a Spirtual Reading/Activation with Tzveta, please feel free to contact her for an appointment.

We Give Away a Free Gift every Friday on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. Thank you for being a part of our community online, and for helping to make Scranberry Coop in Andover NJ the fantastic place it is!


This is our Free Friday Facebook Gift photo on Facebook today -

Our Free Friday Facebook Giveaway for today, October 31 2014 is a Full Spiral Reading / Activation, with Tzveta DaVinci, here at Scranberry Coop's Outdoor Spiral.
The reading will have a 2 hour duration.
See here for our weekly FFFG Rules.
Current Price for this reading is on sale at $150.00

But one lucky Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter will be picked on Saturday November 1st at 7:00 PM to receive one for FREE.

You have until then to get in on this! Just show some love for this photo post on Facebook, on Scranberry Coop's Page, or on Joey Badenov our Doggie Amabassador's Page.
Don't forget to add Joey to your FB friends for more chances at cool stuff.
Share, Like, Comment on either or both, and you're in. The more love you show the more we'll know you want this!

The Free Friday Facebook Gift Getters are posted Sat 7pm on and on Facebook. There is no cash equivalent or trade value to this Gift. The Gift Getter will have 90 days to reach and make an appointment with Tzveta DaVinci at Scranberry Coop for their reading. The reading will be done at Scranberry Coop, Rt 206, Andover NJ in the Spiral.

Visit Meet Me In The Spiral for more details.

What is a Spiral Reading/Activation?

“We are the One, we have been waiting for” Prophesy from the Hopi nation This reading is to find the transition moments (times of new beginnings and times of challenges and changes) and underlying emotions connected to them. The activation starts with seeing your life as a map or a chart, so you can navigate your life effortlessly and meaningfully, making a quantum jump and re-invent your life in a profound way. Once we understand our self and our personal path we travel we can understand life and can start moving with grace, and sense of fulfillment and confidence.
Reading Duration: 2 hours
 The Spiral Reading/Activation is an integrated invention, based on personal life experiences, conceived and designed by Tzveta DaVinci "Dare to live your life to the fullest !!!" See more .....

The Spiral Reading/Activation is an integrated invention, based on personal life experiences, conceived and designed by Tzveta DaVinci

About Tzveta DaVinci:

Tzveta’s “magic” as some call it, consists of her remarkable ability to guide people to tune into their inner desires, unleashing their passion and (re)-connecting with their excitement joy and bliss about life, especially their own. Warm, caring, deeply intuitive and highly trained in various methods, 

Tzveta’s unwavering belief in the power of self renewal and reinvention is matched only by her dedication to her clients’ process of self discovery and self affirmation. Her point of departure is that we each have within us all the resources we need to make any change, and we have all it takes to be, to do or have anything we want. Love, wealth, happiness and success are all within our reach, Tzveta says, insisting that the process of achieving virtually anything on earth is entirely up to each of us.

Drawing on various ancient and modern teachings and philosophies from around the world (including those from Hawaii, Egypt, Tibet, Maya, South America, and Africa), Tzveta honed her methods in the course of the over 20-odd years she spent in workshops and trainings on the four continents where she has lived, including the United States. As a result, her sessions combine a number of approaches that ultimately shift our mind, body, spirit, emotions and perception in a process that few can detail but that all agree have visibly transformed their lives. Among the tools she uses are creative visualization, dancing, kundalini and laughing meditations, energy and body work, stories, archetypes and mythology, sound therapies, family constellations, approaches drawn from intuitive and shamanic ceremonies; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic re-programing -NLP working with the behavioral patterns. 

Tzveta is offering a special workshops, classes, personal readings - activations and life coaching called “Meet me in the Spiral”, designed both to introduce her unique fusion of techniques and to show participants what is possible when they focus their attention and move their energy in the direction of their dreams. Using ancient teachings, music, meditations and movement, the aim of this work is to help people to tap into long-forgotten knowledge that can help them to re-discover their inner power, activate their resourcefulness, and integrate their experiences-producing a ripple effect in each and every area of their lives.

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