Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tricia Sgambati is this week's Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter

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This week's Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter is Tricia Sgambati! Tricia, we'll have the $10.00 Gift Certificate here waiting for you.

We do this every week. no purchase necessary, no forms to fill out, no personal information harvested. It's just for fun, it's super-easy, and it's open to everyone on Facebook including past winners, Coop dealers and children of all ages.

The rules are the same every week. We post the FFFG pic on Friday, on the Scranberry Coop Facebook page and on our Doggie Ambassador Joey Badenov's Facebook page. (Add Joey to your Facebook Friends.) Show some love to get in on the fun! Share, Like, and Comment. (We can't use the FB terms on the FB posts, we say Spread the Photo Around, Give a Thumbs Up, Leave Some Good Words. But you get it, you know what to do.) The more love you show the more we know you want that Free Gift!

We pick a Gift Getter the next day, Saturday, at 7pm. You have right up until then to be loving on the Free Friday Facebook Gift pic for that week. Don't forget to CHECK BACK to see if you're the Gift Getter! Remember, we can't contact you. As a business page, we can not initiate messaging, we can't tag, we can't see your personal Facebook page, we can't post on your wall. You have to check back to see who the Gift Getter is every week. We post it on The Scranberry Coop Facebook Page, on Joey Badenov's Facebook Page, and here on

We hold all the Free Gifts here at the Coop for 90 days for the Gift Getters. It's our Thank You to all of our awesome online community. Joey Badenov and Scranberry Coop appreciate you!

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